Individual Healing14

Our extensive facilities are available all year, providing four Shamanic ceremonies every week. Since there is a constant flow of visitors through Refugio Altiplano Healing Center, you are welcome at any time. Our approach is designed to accomplish effective individualized shamanic healing, so Your healing and growth process is compatible and sensitive to coordinate with your individual needs and aspirations. You will talk privately with our shaman after you arrive, about your reasons for coming to the Refugio, and the goals you would like to accomplish while you are here.

In spite of our advanced shamanic techniques, you don’t need any previous experience to attend our shamanic ceremonies. The dosages and Shamanic work is adjusted carefully to each individual’s needs and aspirations.

Everyone in the ceremony progresses at their own pace. For persons with specific health or emotional issues, our staff usually recommends a ten day visit, with the option to extend their stay with us for at least another ten days, depending on their progress. Anyone who is facing debilitating health or emotional issues has his or her unique needs, and our staff must make those determinations in person, after their first ceremony. If you have questions, you are welcome to contact our staff directly.

Consider our Casual Lodging or one of our scheduled 12 Day Retreats.